Hp Envy for Music Production

Hp Envy For Music Production

Finding a laptop for music production isn’t easy at all. There are way more laptops in the selection. And you are thinking to yourself, ” What is the best laptop for me? How I’m going to choose one, there are many laptops there”. And here’s why I’m here to help you with that. Hp Envy laptops are very famous among music producers for various reasons. And I also recommend the Hp envy laptop as one of the best laptops that you can buy in 2020 for your music production.

I really know the difficulties that you are suffering from choosing a laptop. As technology has developed more than we thought in the past decade. The moments we are using the technologies have increased. In this 21st century, music production has been developed so much and we don’t need big studios and big mixers to make music. All we want a bedroom and a laptop. In the ’90s, if you want to make music, you need to have all the studio stuff that costs so much and the talent. But today, it’s all about the talent. All you need is a good laptop. And even you can produce music on the way. While traveling in the car or while having a coffee in the restaurant, you can make music. But first, you should have a good laptop for that.

Here we mainly talk about Hp envy x360 laptop which is one of the best and affordable laptops that you can buy in 2020.

Hp Envy x360 For Music Production


There are many this to consider when you choosing the right laptop for your music production. The performance, screen size, keyboard, battery life, and budget. I know this main thing you gonna focus on is the budget. But wait, you don’t need to spend too much on this. There are a series of price ranges in Hp envy laptops that you can buy for your music production. And the most affordable one is the Hp envy x360 which costs $550. Which is considerably a great price.

HP Envy x360 – $550 HP Envy 17 – $700 HP Envy 15 – $760 HP Envy 13 – $75 HP Envy x2 – $850


Performance is the king of the music production. This is the second main thing that most of you are going to focus on after price. But for someone, this will be the first major factor. As so the performance is so important in music production.


Music productions require lots of performance and speed. For smooth workflow, the processor is the main key factor that you should focus on. Every music producers love to have this kind of smooth workflow, that doesn’t crash in the middle of the project and lost everything. So, go for the best processor you can.

As audio processing depends on real-time processing. That means audio processing is done in a sequential manner. When a project starts, the process is done step by step. So, it uses only a single core. Many cores don’t help in this process. And when you are choosing the processor, select the one with high single-core processor speed. So, Hp envy x360 comes with an AMD Ryzen™ 3 3300U processor (4 cores 2.1 GHz, up to 3.5GHz ), which is best for music production.

Other than clock speed you also need to consider the number of cores too. Because it is necessary to run more than one application at once. You might need to run another software while running the DAW. In this case, the number of cores is important. So nothing to worry about this when you buy an Hp envy for your music production because it comes with 4 cores which is incredible.

Also if your budget is high, Hp envy x360 15″ is the one for you which comes with an Intel i7 processor and up to 4.6 GHz clock speed. Bt doesn’t worry Envy series comes with many options. There are even laptops with Intel i5 and more. Please visit the HP for more details.


This is going to be your next spec that you are going to choose. How does RAM matters for music production? The size of RAM is a key factor when choosing the best laptop. The second factor to have a smooth workflow is the RAM. If your project is too big, it required a bit of large RAM to store the temporary data. Otherwise, there is an 80% chance of getting stuck. And even you are multitasking, good RAM is a must. It requires more RAM for most of the external plugins. So, if you work with many plugins, you need good RAM.

Hp envy x360 comes with an 8GB DDR4 onboard RAM and no doubt you can have a smooth workflow for your music production. But if you are a pro music producer, an 8GB RAM isn’t the best option for you, you need higher than that. I recommend you Hp envy x360 15″ which comes with 16GB RAM if you are a professional music producer.


Usually, high-quality audio files are large in size and also requires a larger space to store. But there is another special factor to consider. HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or SSD (Solid State Drive). HDDs are the drives with a rotating disk and SSDs are like pen drives and SD cards. Most of the laptops come with HDD. You might have work with HDDs before. SSD is the latest storage technology in a computer. SSDs are very speed in data traveling. So the work speed is also high.

Audio processing isn’t a simple task usually for huge projects. So it is better to go for an SSD over an HDD if you are a music producer because of SSD write and read data much faster than HDD. But if you buy a Hp envy laptop for your music production, you can probably overcome this situation because of all the laptops in the series come with an SSD.

If you are an average music producer, Hp envy x360 13″ is better for you, which comes with 256GB SSD storage. But if you are a pro better to go for a Hp envy x360 15″ which comes with a 1TB SSD storage.


Batter life is one of the important factors of a laptop. You buy a laptop for music production because you considered the portability. And after you considered about the portability, you go for the batter life. “How long can I use this?” When making music, you don’t know day and night happening and you don’t know what’s the time now. This is a common thing among music producers. Usually, music producers or creators spend many hours a day in front of computers. So, a laptop with good battery life is a must for them.

Hp envy x360 comes with a 4-cell, 53 Wh Lithium-ion prismatic battery that supports fast charging and can charge 50% approximately in 45 minutes with an incredible 14 hours of battery life. How awesome is that! 14 hours will be more than enough for a music producer.


Another most important factor you must consider. For a greater working experience, a good screen is a must. When using a DAW, screen size and resolution is so much important. And also it can affect your work quality too. There should be enough space to display all the essential docks and plugins in a DAW for greater working experience. So, you may need a suitable screen size.

But if you choose a Hp envy x360 as your music production laptop. I’m sure you can have a greater working experience with that. Hp envy x360 15″ that comes with a larger screen size will be the best for you.


In 2020, the music industry relies on expensive studio stuff anymore, it’s all about the skill. So, Hp envy will help you to bring out your full potential in music production. A good creator needs good stuff always. So, wish you all the best for your future.

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