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studio monitors vs speakers

What happen when you mix in home speakers?

An average home speaker is design and made to anything but sound great than the original sound. Manufactures make these speakers to their standards. Actually, when we record something its actual sound is naturally flat. And the goal of these home speakers to tweak it and EQ it and bass boost it and make sound clean and professional.

If you are mixing on house speaker and you need to adjust the bass or treble, you can’t hear the sound source what really wants because house speakers are lying to you. They are actually been designed to boost the intended frequencies.

So, engineer design studio monitor for music producers that gives real natural flat sound.

Then you can take the flat sound recording and tweak EQs until the sounds professional. Then you play that on regular home speakers, and the sound will just as great.

Studio monitor can be categorized in to two

  • Passive monitors – No build-in amplifiers. Need separate amp to power them
  • Active monitors – Have built-in amplifiers and crossover

Best studio monitors

KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5

These monitors are very famous among artists and producers. You might have noticed these monitors on various people’s studios.

These are so famous because it’s entry-level price point. There is no other popular monitor like this.

So, I highly recommend this KRK monitor. Even the famous singer Charli Puth uses these kinds of monitors.

Many lower price range monitors aren’t good for professional use, but this monitor doesn’t reserve any bad remarks.

Yamaha HS8 / HS5

This is the legend in studio monitors. You won’t find a professional high-end studio without these monitors.

These is the most professional quality monitors that you can buy. And has no faults or cons. So, nothing more to talk about it.

M-Audio AV42

This too come in the lower price range. But these are not the best. But value for the price.

Tweeter and subs aren’t large enough or high-end.

But its ok for the price.

Avantone Pro MixCube

You cannot use these monitors as your main monitors because of their frequency range isn’t wide enough.

Actually, you don’t need pair of them. One is enough for check the sound in low-if conditions also in mono.

 And this is a great product for the value.

Genelec M040

This is a choice of professional music producers. So, no doubt.

This model is the most popular series of this line.

Perfect for smaller rooms.

Energy friendly class D amplifiers

Intelligent signal sensing auto power off

Are special features of this.

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