Dynamic microphones

First of all, you must know how a dynamic microphone works.

These all microphone are known as transducers which converts sound energy to electrical energy.

When the sound wave hits the diaphragm material it moves the wire coil which is going through a small magnet. And you know if you pass a coil of wire through a magnetic coil it generate an electricity.

And after we can amplify the weak signal to a strength useful signal.

In this case, dynamic mics are also called as moving coil microphones. Usually dynamic microphones are known for being rugged, affordable and very useful and

Pros of dynamic mics

  • Capability of handling high sound pressure levels
  • Doesn’t need phantom power like condenser mics
  • Cheaper than condenser mics

Cons of dynamic mics

  • Not suitable to record instruments with higher frequencies.

So now let’s choose the right condenser mic for you

Best Dynamic microphones

Shure SM57

Shure SM58

Shure SM7B

You might sure see this mic in somewhere because this is the most famous mic in the world. It is been used for broadcasting and recording vocals.

Comes with a build in pop filter and air suspension shock isolation

Advance electromagnetic shielding protects from hum that come from monitors and other equipment.

This mic is use in Capital FM broadcasting and used to record Thriller album by Michael Jackson.

Rode M1

Sennheiser MD421 ll

The best budget dynamic microphone

Behringer XM8500 ($18)

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