Condenser mics

Condenser mics are the preferred type of mics for studio recording. These mics are also called “capacitor microphone” because these mics uses a capacitor to convert the compression and refraction of sound wave into electrical energy. Condenser microphones use phantom power to operate.

Pros of condenser mics

  • Diaphragm is more sensitive to capture high range of frequencies than dynamic mics.
  • Can easily capture flat frequency levels
  • Sound quality is better than dynamic mics

Cons of condenser mics

  • Limitations to handle the maximum signal levels
  • Less durability than dynamic mics. Affected by environmental changes like extreme humidity or temperature.
  • Cannot deal with high sound pressure like the sound from kick drum.
  • More expensive than dynamic mics.

So now let’s choose the right condenser mic for you.

Condenser microphones are two types,

  • large diaphragm condenser microphone
  • small diaphragm condenser microphone

Best large diaphragm condenser microphone

Neumann TLM 102

This mic comes with the ability to withstand very high sound pressure levels. The capsule’s high SPL rating permits the recording of loud sounds sources. And also capable of recording lower sounds due to its very fast transient response. Also has a clearly defined bass range.

Avantone Pro CV-12

Audio frequency of this mic is 20Hz to 20KHz. And has a hi-pass filter and comes with a 10dB pad. This mic has its own PS-12 power supply.

Behringer C-1

This mic is designed to deliver stunning audio quality. The cardioid pickup pattern delivers feedback rejection while pressure gradient transducer with shocked mounted capsule reduces other interruptions. Also, can work in phantom power.

Audio – Technica AT2020

Design for vocal and general instrument capturing. Audio frequency of this mic is 20Hz to 20KHz. The wide dynamic range allows to capture loud signals with minimal noise and distortion

Rode NT1-A

One of the best condenser mics in the market. And one of the worlds quietest studio microphones.

Best small diaphragm condenser microphone

AKG Perception 170

AKG brand has a professional grade when it comes to microphones. These mics are used by many famous artists all around the world. This is an expert level mic that comes with an affordable price.

Audio frequency of this mic is 20Hz to 20KHz

Audio-Tecnica Pro 37

A-T is a leading brand among music industry. This mic comes with a low mass and deliver a finest transient response.

Audio frequency of this mic is 20Hz to 15KHz.

Shure SM81

SM81 is a high-quality microphone.

Low noise distortion over a wide range of load impedance.

Phantom powered.

Can survive in wide range of extreme environment conditions.

Shure KSM141

This is a cheap microphone that come in Shure line. Depending on you, it can be used as an omnidirectional or cardioid mic.

Comes with a 3-position pad and 3 position high-pass filter

Studio Projects C4

One of the best microphones that you can afford.

Comes with a 3-position pad and 3 position high-pass filter.

And comes with an affordable price with great sound.

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