Best microphones for recording studios

There is lot to talk about microphones. If you are a newbie, you must read these articles because choosing the right microphone is not that simple. But don’t get confused, I’ll help you with that.

You might have seen different kind if microphones in different studio. And those mics are used to different purposes.

When it comes to studio microphones, they can be categorized into two sections, they are,

  • Condenser Mics
  • Dynamic Mics

condenser vs dynamic

Condenser Microphone
Dynamic Microphone

Frequency response

Condenser mics are suitable to record instruments with high frequency levels.

Flute Tuba Guitar piano

Dynamic mics are suitable to record instruments with high frequency levels.

Trumpet Drums


Dynamic mic doesn’t need external power

Condenser mic required phantom power to amplify weaker voltage.


Dynamic mics are better for loud instruments than condenser mics because condenser mic’s diaphragms are more fragile than dynamic mics diaphragms.

Dynamic mics are more durable than condenser mics. This is why dynamic mics are used as stage mics. And also, dynamic mics are highly resistance to environment changes than condenser mics.


Condenser mic are more sensitive than dynamic mics. So, dynamic mics are suitable on stage because it can produce more feedback using a condenser mic.


Sub-categories of mics

  • Large Diaphragm condenser mics
  • Small Diaphragm condenser mics
  • Ribbon mics
  • Bass mics
  • USB mics

large diaphragm condenser mic

You may commonly see this mic everywhere. This is the standard mic of vocal recording.

small diaphragm condenser mic

Known as pencil microphone.

Used for recording instruments with high frequency. Also good for vocals.


Ribbon mic

This is not a condenser mic or a dynamic mic because, ribbon mics uses a thin aluminum ribbon to capture sound, not a diaphragm.

So, its durable than dynamic mics and high frequency sensitive than condenser mics. Also, these mics comes in high price range.

Bass mic

These mics are used to capture very low frequencies.

Regular dynamic mics cannot handle the bass very well in instruments so, bass mics are used for this purpose.

Commonly used for drums

USB mic

Used for bedroom studios and for podcasting.

Can connect to the computer directly, no need of amps and interfaces.

Best cheap microphones (under $50)

Tonor TN12326 ($13)

  • The cheapest mic in the list.

Neewer NW-800 ($19)

Floureon BM-800 Full kit ( $72)

snowball ice blue ($45)

Microphones from quality to the worst

Snowball ICE > Floureon BM-800 > Neewer NW-800 > Tonor TN12326

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