Likewise, a studio monitor, studio headphones are very useful in producing music.

There a bunch of headphones in the market. And, they are different form each other, there sounds different.

studio monitors vs headphones


  • Headphones are more portable than monitors
  • Studio headphones can be connected to a many different devices Easily.
  • We can hear every small detail that unnoticeable with monitors. So, this is great for identifying unwanted noise in recordings or tracks.
  • Like monitor, headphone doesn’t deal with the surrounding sound. So, if your room is not acoustic treated it will be not a problem. If you are a travelling musician, a headphone is an essential.


  • A headphone can’t handle the levels of detail as a speaker. So, it is hard to judge the reverb levels of your recording.
  • Like the levels, you can’t decide the actual amount of bass when using headphones. 

When you are choosing a headphone for your studio, there are two types of headphone available for two specific purpose.

They are,

  • Close-Back Headphones
  • Open-Back Headphones

You might wonder, is this type really matters? And the answer is YES!

closed back vs open back

Open back headphones

In these kinds of headphones, you can hear the surrounding sound as well as the sound that comes from the cans. The grill of the headphone allows the environment sound in.

When using open-bank headphones you can experience a feeling that you are in a studio booth or like musicians plays music around you. You feel like the sound comes from your around space.

Close back headphones

This is the opposite of Open-Back headphones. These type of headphones blocks almost all outside noise but not 100%. So close-back headphones are not noise cancelling headphones.

In close-back, you can hear only the sound that comes from the cans. It gives you a feeling that the sound comes from inside your head.

Most of the artists, producers use these kinds of headphones because they tend to have more bass.

Best open back headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X

Sennheiser HD 598 SR

Beyerdynamic DT 990 (600 OHM)

. Sennheiser HD 660 S

Sennheiser HD 800 S

Best close back headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

Bose 700

Sennheiser HD280 Pro

Best budget studio headphones

Audio Technica ATH-M40x ($99)

Status Audio CB-1 ($69)

OneOdio Studio Pro ($54)

Superlux HD668B ($36)

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