Best DAW For Music Production In 2020

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) takes a huge part in our music production. All we do is stick together in this software. So, our final projects come out from here. But what happens if the ending wasn’t good much enough like Game of Thornes. Yeah, the whole project sucks. So, finding the best DAW is an essential part of every music producer’s life because when we start with a DAW it’s will become a long-time relationship. A DAW is a software so it does changes and updates every year. Then what will be the best DAW you can use in 2020 for your music production.

What will be the Best DAW for You

However, the best DAW is the DAW that you can work quickest and the most comfortable with.

Don’t listen to what everybody says, you need to use this and that. Every DAW has its strengths and weaknesses.

Every DAW has Windows and a Mac version (expect Logic Pro).

Don’t be afraid of choosing which DAW is perfect for you. Just choose one DAW and start with it. Try to learn it. Try to learn the basics. If you know the basics, you can use every DAW in this world, because every DAW does the same thing and works the same way. It is important to learn the basics than choosing the right one immediately.

You can produce hits with every major DAW and there are hits produce in every major DAW in 2020.

This is my recommendation from my personal experience. If you are a beginner, it is better to make start with FL Studio. And later you can use whatever DAW you like because the theory is the same.

Best DAW For Music Production In 2020 are,

  • FL Studio 20
  • Logic Pro X
  • Ableton
  • Pro tools
  • Studio one 4.5
  • Steinberg Cubase 10.5


FL STUDIO 20 Best DAW For Music Production In 2020

Without any doubt, I can say, FL studio or Fruit Loop studio is the most favorite DAW of hip-pop and electronic music producers and the most popular DAW among the newbies. Many music producers start their careers with this DAW.

There are many good reasons for this. One of the main reasons is the user interface. In a year like 2020, software developers think about the user interface a lot, so this DAW has made the best of its own and has the most beautiful user interface among all the best DAWs you can buy in 2020 for music production.

And another reason is, FL studios is available for both Windows and Mac. So, nothing to worry about the OS, it works in both well.

FL Studio comes in 3 paid versions and also a free version. And nothing like other Softwares. FL Studio provides lifetime free updates for all the 3 paid versions. And because of their free version, many producers take their start with this DAW.

However, one and the only downside of this DAW is the program written language. FL Studio is written in the Delphi programming language which makes it not the fastest DAW you can try. But it’s FL Studio is one of the most affordable and best DAW you can buy in 2020 for music production.

Learn More Here FL Studio



Logic Pro X is one of the most famous DAW among creators. Many professional music producers use this DAW even in 2020 for their music production. As we all know, Logic pro is an Apple product and only available for Mac Os. So, this is the only downside of this software.

Logic Pro X comes with a user-friendly interface that shares with another apple product for iPhones “GarageBand”.

This software comes with only one version, no standard or ultimate or blah blah blah…

And this is the cheapest and complete DAW that you could buy-in 2020. Windows users, sorry.

The only problem with this software is you can’t search for plugins and presets, but every other software can. But you know, that’s not a big problem.

Apple computers are known as the best computers for music production from the beginning. Even things have changed now and Apple and Pcs are at the same levels, many music producers tend to use Macs in their music production because of the premium build quality.

Usually, Macs are known as the creator’s computer, so, they have to build the best software for the creators too. This is the reason why Logic pro came out.

As it is an Apple product, it comes with the tag “Easy to Use”. And this is another reason why Logic Pro X makes one of the best DAW you can buy in 2020 for music production.

Learn More Here Logic Pro X


Ableton Live is known is one of the most used DAWs in the industry. Even famous EDM creators such as Chainsmokers uses this DAW in there every single creation. Ableton DAW has a good reputation in this music industry since 2001 and still, it’s the same in 2020,

This DAW provides many advanced editing and mixing features and comes with a clean user interface, that any music producers can have a nice workflow. Among all DAWs, Ableton has the easiest composition workflow which able to get high-quality results at the end.

And also, Ableton provides a huge library of content that you can use in your tracks.

What makes this DAW unique from others is its live feature. Actually, this is original design as an instrument for live performing. Later it has evolved into a complete recording package.

Most importantly Ableton instruments are designed especially for this software. So I can say this is one of the best DAW you can buy in 2020 for music production.

Learn More Here Ableton Live


Best DAW For Music Production In 2020

Pro Tools is the only professional industry-standard DAW you can buy in 2020 for music production. This is the only DAW that is widely used in a professional studio. The most fascinating factor for professional music producers is the speed of this DAW and the high quality of mixing.

This is a serious option for a beginner because this software is really complicated and more expensive. But there is a free version for beginners.

But you need to know this, many music producers don’t like this DAW very much. It used to be popular and was for the industry standard. Meanwhile, some professional music producers love this.

Learn More Here Avid Pro Tool


Studio One is an entry-level DAW that I highly recommend for beginners.

This is the Only DAW with the least weakness, but this is not the best software around.

This is an audio company that builds quality hardware, later with the help of Steinberg Cubebase, they developed Studio one in 2009. And in 2020, it is one of the best DAW you can buy for your music production.

Learn More Here Studio One

Steinberg Cubase 10.5

Steinberg Cubase is the first DAW that was commercially available in the music industry and still one of the powerful DAW you can buy in 2020.

At first, Steinberg Cubase started as an application that can run MIDI files only, and still, this is the best DAW for MIDI editing.

Steinberg Cubase 10.5 comes with a huge library of VST plugins, instruments and synths. And also, has the capability to run many free VST plugins.

By comparing to other DAWs, Seinberg Cubase comes with many special features and it is the most powerful DAW you can buy in 2020 for your music production

Learn More Here Steinberg Cubase


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