We all have our own dream, and we all are chasing after our dreams, to achieve them. But sometimes dreams are way too big, we don’t know where and how to start them. And that’s where you need a helping hand. If there isn’t a sign of that we aren’t working for our dreams we feel useless, right? BUT YOU DON’T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT IT, I have collect you all the facts that you need to build your own dream studio ( I know your dream is about a studio, that’s why you came here ah..)

In this website you can find everything you want to build a studio from A-Z nice and clear, so be patient and take your valuable time to read these articles. After you read these articles, I’m sure you won’t be the same person before reading this.

how to make a music studio

If you are a newbie you might worrying about the things that you want to build a studio.

You might think days and days or months “How do I start this god damm thing”. Do you think this is so complex? That’s wrong its way too simple. Trust me!

Computer is the most essential part of a studio. And sometimes every does have a computer, it could be a desktop or a laptop. Or maybe you don’t have one. So, lets find the best computer for your studio.


A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is an application software used for recording, editing, mixing, mastering and producing audio files. A DAW can be installed to a any computer

The most importance thing to a recording studio. As you know there are bunch of categories of microphones. Let’s select the one you want

This is an item that almost everybody have. But you need to know there are two types of headphone use in studios

  • Closed back headphones – optimal isolation, lesser sound quality
  • Open back headphones – optimal sound quality, lesser isolation

Out of these two, open back headphones will be the best for your studio.

You might wonder what these are. When you see a studio, the first eye catching items are these. Wait! these are not regular home speakers that we use often, these are special.

Audio interface is a device that turn analog signals to digital signals. And also it connects all your stuff to the computer.

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