How To Improve Your Singing Voice In A Week | 6 Tips to improve singing

How To Improve Your Singing Voice In A Week

Improving a singing voice in a very short time is a very difficult task to do. But if you do the correct exercises and take the correct guidelines, you can probably improve your singing voice in a short time period than you think. But first, you must follow all the instructions below. So, stick with the article to the end and learn how to improve your singing voice in a week.

Improving your singing voice is, optimizing your vocal cords and practicing your muscle memory at the same time for signing. Usually, it takes 2 to 3 years for a beginner to develop their singing ability normally. But like fast charging a phone, you can improve your singing voice in a short time period like in a week. But remember, you must dedicate your whole week for this process. And please notice that doesn’t overtake the guideline is a must. Or you will end up with nodules and it takes weeks to heal nodules.

I will be guiding you through these 6 techniques today,

  • Breathing
  • Vocal exercises
  • Vocal Empathy
  • Correct Posture
  • A Good Health
  • Record and Listen


Correct Breathing Method for Singing

Credit: unsplash

“Chi sa respirare, sa cantare” — who knows how to breathe, knows how to sing!

An old Italian saying

Believe me or not, breathing is the most important part of singing. And the most essential part all singers must know. Evey popular or non-popular artists in the world, use this technique. If we take our body as a signing machine, breathing will be the power source for our signing. Vocal cords only produce sound with the help of power and by the mouth, we control it. So, how to breathe correctly?

We are breathing from our birth, so you are telling that we don’t know how to breathe correctly yet?

Actually yes. The way we breathe when singing is different.

As I said before, breathing is the main power source for our singing. So, if we had less power, we will end up in shitty singing and get fatigued really quickly. Nobody wants to sing like this. How how can we get the full power out of our body when singing? Here we use two techniques,

  • Belly Breathing Technique
  • Breath Control Technique

Belly Breathing Technique

Usually, when we normally breathe, our chest moves forward and backward. Discover it yourself. In this technique, we don’t move our chest when breathing. Meanwhile, we use our belly instead. Our belly moves forwards and backward while the chest keeps still. So now, try to breathe from your belly. That’s the thing we are going to practice. Actually, at our birth, we are belly breathers, later as we grow-up we become chest breathers.


  1. Take a deep breath slowly and exhale
  2. Squeeze the sides your belly with both hands (the place without bones)
  3. Do step 1 and 2 together

Do the 3rd step 10 times and then rest 30 seconds and repeat it 3 times. This will be your first exercise. Do it every morning after waking up and do it an afternoon and also before going to bed. If you did this correctly, you have done 90 belly breathing exercises a day and 630 in a week. Keep in mind that 30s rest is important, it’s also a part of the exercise.


If you this correctly, you are able to keep a lot of air inside your body than earlier. And are able to sing without struggling or strain.

Breath Control Technique

In the belly breathing method, we did was gaining more power for our singing. But it is useless if we don’t know how to control it. Controlling the power we build is so important. So, how to control it?


  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Exhale it with a zee sound slowly

  • Exhale the breath slowly for 10 second
  • Then, 20 seconds
  • Then, 30 seconds
  • Last, 40 seconds

Remember, at the first try, you may not able to go through all the stages or you might not able to do the zee sound for even 20 seconds. This is not a weakness of you so don’t worry. First, do it for 10 seconds, if you can’t try again and again, but remember to take 30s breaks.

When you finished mastering these two techniques, now you can combine these together

Vocal Exercises

First, we gained our power by the belly breathing technique and after we learn how to control it. And here we are going to learn is how to use it. Interesting ah. Vocal exercises are to develop vocal cords like we develop our muscles by going to the gym. There are many vocal exercises for different purposes. And to improve your singing voice in a week, you should dedicate your time through the week.

Opening up the Voice

Increasing Vocal Range

Improving Vocal Tone

Strengthing the Voice

Vocal Empathy

Sometimes you might get bored when singing or might doesn’t feel good when singing. This happens because you are not enjoying. The sound of your voice when you sing enjoying it and sound when you sing with depression is different. If you sing with depression, you might feel like stopping and losing your aim to improve singing voice in a week.

So, how can we enjoy it? It’s really simple. Choose your favorite singer and try to copy him or her. That’s all. We always like to mimicking others. From birth, we are mimicking others and that’s how we learn things. And we always want to be like a successful person that we know. So, when you singing, try to copy your favorite singer’s body movements, emotions, and facial expressions. Observe and pay attention to these things carefully. When you feel good about something, your voice automatically tends to become good. That’s the connection. So, FEEL IT, feel it when you are signing. Sing with emotions and expressions. Feel like you are singing on a stage with a cheerful crowd like your favorite artist. Below is an example video of Jeremy Jordan singing with emotions and expressions.


Correct Posture

Credit: unsplash

Maintaining a correct posture is very important if you are trying to improve your singing voice in a week. Because the right posture makes you feel stronger and more powerful.

So, how to have a correct posture?

The most important thing is to be comfortable and relaxed. If you put pressure from your body and sing with effort, you cannot improve your singing so quickly. So, always remember to be relaxed and comfortable. Then stand-up straight and make sure your body is parallel with the wall. And make sure shoulders relaxed as well.

When you singing, try to use this posture. This will improve your singing a lot. And this can make you more energetic.


A Good Health

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However, all we do is dealing with our bodies. Maintaining good health to improve our skills is a must. If we are weak, we are unable to anything correctly. As I mentioned before, vocal cords and our abdominal part and maybe even the whole body engaged while we are singing. So, as singers, we should care about things.

Go to the Gym Daily

Going to the gym daily brings you many benefits than you think. By going to the gym, you can gain more strength and be so active. So, warm up your body daily to improve your singing voice in a week. Start your day by doing this.

Be Hydrated

Your vocal cords get dry easily because they are very thin muscles and get fatigued. This happens when you sing for hours. And this is not a good habit to keep your throat dry. You must always be hydrated. It is better to drink more than 2 liters per day. Keep a water bottle while you do exercises or singing.

A Right Diet

This isn’t a type of diet that used to weight loss. So, don’t worry. You can eat or drink whatever you want but avoid food that makes your throat dry. Please keep your vocal cord hydrated. And I recommend you to use throat coat tea. And avoid salty foods and spicy foods.

Record and Listen

how to improve your singing voice in a week

Credit: unsplash

Notice that: You can’t listen to your own voice and find any mistakes. The way we hear our own voice and others hear our voice is somewhat different. It’s because, when you hear your own voice, the sound waves come from 2 different mediums. From your ear and by bone conduction. And others, only ear. So, the sound you hear is more beautiful than what others hear. If you judge your own voice by hearing it through the ear, you’ll get fool yourself and improve singing voice in a week will be more difficult. So, record yourself through a microphone and listen to it. And find mistakes. To learn about microphones go through this article. Or if you don’t have a mic, don’t worry use your phone instead. And if you follow these steps you could probably improve your singing voice in a week for sure.

Extra tips for Improve Your Singing Voice In A Week

Use a Straw to Reduce Strain

After you sing for several hours, your vocal cords get tired. And here is a tip to keep your singing without strain and continue your singing. For this, we must strengthen and un-press our vocal cords. To do this we use a thin straw. Blow air out of your mouth using a thin straw and do it for about 5 minutes a day through the week.