How Much Time It Takes To Learn Classical Singing

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To all good things happens, it takes time. If you are a newbie for singing and have no talents in signing or your voice is underdeveloped, The time could take up to 5 to 10 years to learn classical singing. But it depends on you. Stick on the article to get more information.

There are two paths of signing, they are pop signing and classical signing. But first, you should choose the right perfect path that is the suite for you. And also, you must know, all we are doing actually is training our muscles. Like we go to the gym to develop our body muscles we do training to develop our vocal muscles.

If you choose any path pop or classical. Your vocal cords develop in the same way, no matter what style you choose. Then why should I choose the style first? I could learn how to sign and later I develop my vocal cords, I can choose my path. Answer; all we are doing is not only developing our vocal cords. There is more to develop like memory and muscle memory. It is more valuable to get into one style at the beginning and continuing it for a lifetime. However, if you decide to change your signing style later after you develop your signing skills, maybe after 4 or 5 years. Yes, sure you can change it, no problem. The thing is, you have already developed your vocal cords and now you have to practice and replace your muscle memory and your memory.

Now it’s the perfect time to start your classical singing journey

We all have our dreams and targets in our life. Whatever your age is, whatever who you are is, you are not late to achieve your dreams

All it takes time. Greece was not built in one day. As you go to the gym to develop your muscles, you cannot ever build it in a week or a month. Yeah, it takes time. That’s nature. So, you are not late, start today. And don’t be hurry takes the lessons slowly and be patient. If you are a beginner, it takes about an average of three years of time to learn classical singing. And after, it takes up to 10 years to become a professional classical singer. Keep in mind, you can’t achieve all these three years or ten years in one month. But it depends from person to person. Your practice, dedication, and coaching, and also most importantly your interest in classical singing. If you have a good interest, you could achieve a great classical voice within 2 to 3 years.

When you are taking the lessons or vocal training, please be careful. Because you can also hurt your vocal cords. Your target may be to develop your voice but you might end up with nodules. At first, we all do this mistake. But later and later, after one year you will identify those mistakes and avoid them and carry out proper vocal lessons. If your throat is paining while taking the vocal lessons, stop immediately and rest. If your throat pains that mean you are not taking the practices correctly.

Practice Makes You Perfect

Practicing daily is so important. At least, practice 2 hours daily. It will be so boring at first but if you get used to it, you will never feel that again.

It takes 30 days to get use to an task and it takes 90 days to task become your lifestyle.

So, don’t give it up. And I know you don’t because when you start your practice for the first month, you will experience your own improvements. So, you won’t try to stop it anyway. You feel ” Wow! this works “. And keep in mind, the beginning is the hardest, never give it away.

Years of the journey of your classical singing

  • First-year – Practice a minimum of 2 hours daily. Your voice will be ready for classical signing and you will identify your mistakes and tends to correct them on your own.
  • Second-year – Your voice will more develop are stronger, Your vocal flexibility will be high and ore powerful.
  • Third-year – Practice more than three hours, because your vocal cords are developed and you could handle more. You are able to notice that your vocal tone is improving. And also you can do more dynamics with your voice.
  • Fourth-year to ninth year – Now you are in a more developed stage and you can discover your own passion in signing.
  • The tenth year – Now the time you have become a professional in Classical Singing and learn a lot.

But what happens after the tenth year? Have I learned all in classical singing in ten years? NO!!! Classical singing is like an ocean, you could never stop learning that. And also like a universe that has no end. You can go high as you can, no barriers or limits.


So, set-up your own targets and work for it. First 6-month target, then 1 year and so on… You will identify your own vocal improvements from month to month and year to year. So good luck classical singers, begin your wonderful journey.

Credits; Siddharth Slathia

Author – Sara Angel

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