Apple’s Macbook Pro 16 released and it’s a beast for Music Production

Apple has announced its new Macbook, the Macbook Pro 16-inch on the 13th of November 2019. So it’s finally here. You can pre-order it now forms the apple stored and the price is starting at $2,399 also its the same price of Macbook pro-15-inch. So this new Macbook is a replacement of old MacBook pro-15-inch with some great improvements. This has better speakers, mics, A LARGER SCREEN, and a better keyboard.

The Macbook is the most popular laptop among artists and music producers. A professional music producer always tends to buy a Macbook for his or her music production. And many of you maybe have a Macbook or willing to buy one, so let’s talk about the upgrades that Apple did to there new Macbook.

First of all, the design is pretty much the same a the previous versions and goes in the same footprint and same four USB type-C ports. The special is its only 0.77mm thicker and 4.3 pounds and comes with space grey or the Apple products popular color.


Yeah. The main difference you can notice is this, the display. Apple has pushed out the display and has given a better user experience by makeing the Bezels more thin. And this a bigger canvas already you do on a laptop.

This new MacBook Pro has a resolution of 3072 * 1920 and also the same pixel density 226ppi, same brightness 500 nits, same p3 color gamut. More importance is screen size. For a music producer, screen size is more worthy than any of the others. With the new 16-inch display you are able to get more space for your production and you can do your stuff more easily. And this is the biggest major change and we all love that.


Wow! wow! wow! Damm! Its new Macbook has 11-hour battery life. So this is a great improvement and it’s also a 1 hour more than the previous version. But the laptop is still thin and how can they improve the battery life? The answer is, Apple has improved the battery life by improving the chemistry with a 100-watt hour battery. And this is the biggest battery that can fit in a laptop. And its comes with a more powerful USB type -C charger, and the design of the charger hasn’t changed, it’s like the previous version

fun fact: 100-watt hour battery is the maximum physical capacity lithium-ion battery you are allowed to get on to a plane in USA per the TSA


So this is the next major improvement. The previous generation of MacBook came with a butterfly mechanism and the earlier generation came with scissor mechanisms. In-fact the new MacBook has come with a scissor mechanism, so the butterfly thing hasn’t done a great thing so. And somebody can say this has been a downgrade, but no!

2015 Macbook pro came with a scissor mechanism, and the keys were more reliable, their more clicky and travel more and it’s almost going backward its actually an upgrade here, but it’s not the same as 2015 version, its a kind more upgrade here, like a hybrid of both scissor and butterfly mechanisms. And it’s still low travel, more stable that butterfly keys were and the and the backlight comes from the keys doesn’t bleed from side as 2015 versions, so is more clear. And also the Esc button is back. And has a separate touch ID unlock sensor, also it’s a physical button as well to turn on and off the computer. And Apple calls this new keyboard “MAGIC KEYBOARD”. So its very Apple


The new spec

16′ Retina Display
Intel 6-core i7, Intel 8-core i9
AMD RADEON Pro 5300M-5500M Graphics
16GB-64GB 2666Mhz DDR4 Memory
512GB -8TB

So we all can say this will be a great beast for music production. It’s on the top-level of performance. 8TB storage is a massive upgrade for a laptop we all know. By this, we can reduce our external drive usage. And the RAM is more powerful to do a smooth workflow.

Speaker and Mic

There is a new speaker system with 6 speakers. I can say, when we are talking about laptop speakers, Macbooks are on the top. As they have improved it furthermore, I can say this is the best speaker that laptops can have. And these speakers are really good. So good!
Its redesign new subwoofer is now physically connected to each other so they cancel out the force that they would have applied to the chassis so they don’t rattle as much, they called them to force canceling.

And also they have included a studio-quality microphone, they call it that because the new hardware of the microphone array has a much-improved signal to noise ratio. And the mic is pretty good for video calls and other stuff. But as they called it a studio-quality mic, it cannot record music.


As everybody knows, technology is improving day by day. We a tech company released a new product, we don’t surprise as much we did in a decade back. These technological improvements make our day to day activities easier and better.

I highly recommend this Apple new Macbook Pro 16-inch laptop if you are finding to buy a new laptop for your music production. And its great 16-inch display will serve you more. So thank me later for this.

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