So, sound proofing is to block the sound that comes into the room from outside and going out from inside the room. Actually, what does is separating the sound inside the room from outside world.

cheapest way to soundproof a room

Installing Mass on walls

To prevent sound from travelling through walls, walls should be thick enough to kill the sound waves.

If you are going to make a room, you can make it with concrete like high dense stuff. But if you already have a room with thin walls you can make it thick by adding mass.


Damping is a method of soundproofing which converts sound energy to heat energy.

Green Glue is the most effective damping compound you can by on store.

You can use this glue between any two surfaces to prevent sound travelling through that surface.


Decoupling is making two objects separate from contacting by each other and stop making sound passing through the two objects.

Filling Air Gaps

Filling air is the most important thing. So, make sure to seal the room that there is not any airways in the room.

Acoustic caulk

            This is used to seal any cracks or holes

Foam Gasket

            Seal air gaps from electrical outlets

Door sweep

            Blocks the space between door and floor


As we did an acoustic treatment to the walls, we also need to treat the same way to the floor because that also a surface. But can’t use acoustic panels for floor, but we can use a rug instead.

By using a rug, the sound reflection get canceled and also sound wave blocks that goes from floor to downstairs.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is a cell polyurethane material that is made of two substances that is mix when it is spray into walls. When these two substances get mixed together, it expands than its actual size. So, this fill surfaces and cavities before gets rigid.

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