Reflection Filters

As we studied earlier, to maintain a good sound quality in your home studio, an acoustic treatment is an essential.

But what if you ran out of money and couldn’t spend money covering whole room with acoustic panels and bass traps.

Reflection filter can be known as a mini acoustic treatment to your home studio. It saves money, time and space too.

“But what extend do these reflective filters are effective?”

We all must know; reflective filter aren’t effective as a proper acoustic treatment. But if you are building a budget home studio, this might be an alternative to a proper acoustic treatment. And also, you can save more money for other essential studio stuff.

Now a days, even if it’s a pro studio you are able to see a reflection filter in pro’s studio.

Best budget Reflective filters

sE Electronics Reflextion Filter Pro ($199)

Primacoustic VoxGuard ($129)

Auralex MudGard ($199)

CAD audio AS32 ($124)

Porta-Booth Pro ($369)

Best Reflective filters

Monoprice 602650

Monoprice 602650 ($99)

Aston Microphone Halo

LyxPro VRI-20 ($79)

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