Acoustic Panels

After you select your bass traps, your next target is to choose an acoustic panel. As we discussed earlier, acoustic panels are for absorb mid and high frequencies. This is a must when you sound treat your studio.

And also, not as bass traps, acoustic panel act as a wall décor too, so that’s great ah… You can sound treat your studio and also décor your wall at the same time. And a bonus, these are very cheap.

what does acoustic foam do

There are acoustic form panels and acoustic fabric panels. But they are both same in function. Fabric panels comes with a wooden frame and they are made with materials like foam, mineral wool or fiber glass. And acoustic foam usually made of polyurethane-based material.

Acoustic foam are also porous absorber. It attenuates the sound wave when the wave passes through the tiny pores of these absorbers and converts sound energy to heat energy by friction. Acoustic foams are small panels that has wedge or pyramid patterns in it.v

Things to consider when buying Acoustic panels


When considering about the thickness, there are many different thickness levels you can buy in the market. It is sufficient 1- or 2-inches foam to absorb mid and high frequencies. It requires a way lot thicker panels to absorb the low frequencies. Usually acoustic panel forms are not thicker as much, but its ok because there are bass traps to handle the low frequencies, so no worries.


Acoustic foam panels comes in different patterns. Most common patterns are pyramid and wedge. You might get confused when choosing the right pattern. But don’t. Pattern doesn’t affect the performance of the foam panels. So, choose the pattern that attract to your own eye.

NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient)

This rating basically means how much of sound can be reduce. If the rating is high it means the panels can absorb more sound. So higher the number greater the absorption. So, go for a higher number when choosing a acoustic panel.

Size and Quantity

Acoustic panels usually comes in packs. It differ from brand to brand. Standard packages comes normally in 6, 12, 24 panels.

And when it comes to dimensions =, it can be 1ft2, 2ft2 or 2ft*4ft.

When the size is bigger the quantity will be less and vise-versa.

First of all, calculate the measurement of the wall and choose the right panel for you.

Cheap soundproof form panels to buy

Mybecca Acoustic Foam

  • Quantity – 12-pack
  • Size – 12” * 12”
  • Pattern – wedge
  • Available in many colors

Foamily Foam panels

  • Quantity – 6, 12, 24-pack
  • Size – 12” * 12”
  • Thickness – 1” or 2”
  • Pattern – wedge
  • Available in many colors

Foamily Pyramid panels

  • Quantity – 2, 4, 8-pack
  • Size – 12” * 12”
  • Thickness – 2.5”
  • Pattern – pyramid
  • 8 color combinations

Foamily wave acoustic foam panels

  • Quantity – 6-pack
  • Size – 12” * 12”
  • Thickness – 2”
  • Pattern –wave
  • Grey or ice-blue color available

How to install acoustic panels without ruining the wall

Installing the acoustic panels may be the most annoying thing that you will do. Most of the people ruin their wall because of lack of knowledge. But you don’t have to do that, there are ways to do it carefully.

Recommended method

  • Plan your panel arrangements
  • Glue your acoustic form to a cardboard to its size
  • Install them to wall using adhesive strips

dIY acoustic panels

If you are a kid or you are running out of money by spending all your money for other stuff, nothing to worry. You can make your own acoustic fabric panel.

If you don’t have any idea about acoustic panels or how they work, I suggest you buy (if you can) one or two commercial acoustic fabric panel and study how they build and how they work. It will be easy if you do so, but that not essential.

To build your own acoustic panel you only need some carpentry knowledge.

Materials you want:

  • Wood
  • Fabric
  • Owens Corning 703

As Owens Corning 703 are not available in your local store you should buy it online.

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